Hector, Minnesota




Residents should remember that a building permit is needed for most projects.  Permits are needed for shingles, siding, windows, doors, furnaces, water heaters, fences over six feet in height, and all new construction projects and additions.  A zoning permit is needed for anything under 25 feet. Please remember that all projects still need to have the zoning checked and approved before any work can be done.  Projects must meet setback and height requirements before zoning will be approved.  Permit costs are based upon the value of the project.  City zoning laws can be reviewed under the City Code tab on the home page. For more information on building permits and state building codes, click on the Minnesota State Codes and Laws link.   Questions on permits or codes can be directed to Hector City Hall or Darin Haslip, the Hector Building Official at 320-226-5189. 




NOTICE:  This is a compost site and not a dump.  Please follow directions at the site.  Grass and leaves only on compost pile.  Everything else (branches, garden vines, corn stalks, etc.) are to be put on the burn pile.  No garbage bags are allowed to be left at the site.  This site is for your convenience -- not the City’s.  Any violations could result in the sites closing and/or fines.