Hector, Minnesota


Property/Buildings For Sale


Location 1:   Two Locations along 9th Street East

Lot Sizes:  100 x 150

Lot Description:  There is one bare lot located on the east side of town on 9th Street, nine blocks from Main Street (Highway 4) and 2 blocks from Highway 212.  City water and sewer access.

Location 2:  2 Lots on Linden Drive

Lot Sizes:  Irregular Shaped Lots

Lot Description:  The lots are bare lots located on the west side of town nine blocks from Main Street (Highway 4).  The lots are at the end of a circle.  The lots are irregular shaped and may require a variance to be built upon.  City water and sewer access.

Cedar Avenue East and Sampson's Circle Lots: EDA Lots $1.00, conditions apply.

Please contact City Hall for more information (320) 848-2122.