Hector, Minnesota


Hector Community Center

Hector Community Center/Library
Hector Community Center/Library


Location:  130 Main Street South


Phone #:  (320) 848-2710

To Rent call:  (320) 848-2122


City Class:  Free of Charge

Non-Profit Organization Class:  Free of Charge

Other Class:  $75 per day

Additionally:  A damage deposit of $200 is required for all classes.


City Class:  Any use held under the auspices of the City of Hector

Non-Profit Organization:  Any non-profit organization which is a corporation, fund, foundation, trust, club or an association organized exclusively for literary, charitable, educational, artistic, pleasure, social or recreational purposes, if no part of the net income of any such organization insures to the benefit of any private member, stockholder, or individual.

Other Class:  All persons, corporations, associations, clubs or other entities not included in City Class or Non-Profit Organization Class.

City Class is given first priority when it comes to renting the Community Center, followed by Non-Profit and Other.


  • No intoxicating beverages or non-intoxicating malt beverages
  • No smoking
  • Adult supervision is required
  • The use of decorations, such as scotch tapes, tacks, nails, or staples for hanging any decoration is not allowed on any wall or ceiling surface.  Masking tape is acceptable.
  • All groups or users shall be responsible to immediately cleanup

-- All users shall hold the City of Hector harmless from any liability for injuries to property or persons, and all users shall reimburse the City of Hector for any damages.